Nepal Center for Contemporary Research
People Involved
Ms. Apsara KC
Masters in Rural Development (RD)
Yamuna Ghale, PhD
Research Director (Senior Research Fellow)
PhD Food Security Governance
Dr. Bashu Prasad Subedi
Senior Research Fellow (Quantitative Research)
Dr. Pranil K. Upadhayaya
Senior Visiting Fellow
PhD (Tourism and Peace)
Dr. DB Subedi
Senior Visiting Fellow
PhD (Peace, security)
Dr. Safal Ghimire
Senior Visiting Fellow
PhD (Security Governance)
Dr. Sony K.C.
Visiting Fellow
Dr. Nirmal Kumar BK
Visiting Fellow
PhD (Food security, resource Scarcity)
Dr. Mahendra Sapkota
Visiting Fellow
PhD (Rural Development, social and ethnic movement)
Mr. Debendra Adhikari
PhD Researcher
Masters in Rural Development
Mr. Sushant Acharya
Masters in Human and Natural Resources Studies
PhD ongoing
Mr. Siddhi Manandhar
Senior Researcher
MA (Rural Development)
Ms. Drishti Upreti
Research Fellow
Masters in Development Studies
Mr. Amit Maharjan
Office/Research Assistant
Dr Bishnu Raj Upreti
PhD (Conflict Management)