Nepal Center for Contemporary Research
People Involved

Dr. Yamuna Ghale

Research Director (Senior Research Fellow)

PhD (Food Security & Governance)

Core competencies:

 1.       Management competence:


  • Leadership in management (leading large scale programmes and projects including policy & strategic planning, budget and management of human resources)
  • Relation and negotiation with government, bilateral and multi-lateral donors
  • Development of policies and programmes
  • Collaboration and coordination with government agencies, donors, INGOs, NGOs, private sector, farmer's organisations and civil society
  • Communication and networking
  • Strategic decision making and visioning.


2.       Thematic competence:

  • Agriculture and natural resource management based research, analysis and advocacy
  • Policy analysis and advocacy on agriculture and food security, forest, water, land, resource rights
  • Federalism and working with three tiers of government on agriculture and natural resources related research, analysis and economic development
  • Gender and social inclusion policies, plans and programs
  • Globalisation, World Trade Organisation (WTO) and international treaties and conventions
  • Women's rights, policies and programs, and gender mainstreaming
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures
  • Technical innovations in response to socio-political changes
  • Indigenous knowledge, farmers rights, biological diversity and genetic resources
  • Review of existing laws, policies and procedures related to agriculture and natural resources


Methodological competence:


  • Policy review, analysis and contribution: Agriculture Development Strategy (MoALD), food security policies (MoALD), gender in agriculture (MoALD), land use policy (MoLRM), gender equality and social inclusion policy (MoWCSW), forest sector strategy (MoFSC), bio-diversity policies (MoFSC)
  • Project/programme development and reviews
  • Rights based approach to development with specific focus on women, food security, land management and natural resources, people with disabilities, minorities & marginalized communities, and remote areas
  • Research and studies on different issues related to natural resource management, agriculture, food security and gender mainstreaming


Contributions to the Legislative Parliament/ the Constituent Assembly Committees and expert inputs:

Consultation and expert inputs to the thematic committees of the Legislative Parliament and the Constituent Assembly (CA) and high-level committees/commissions on:

  • Fundamental Right and Directive Principle
  • Natural Resource, Economic Rights and Revenue Allocation
  • Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Member of Prime Minister Economic Advisory Committee of Ex-Prime Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai
  • High Level Land Reform Commissions


Experiential competence:

  • Networking and collaboration: National Farmer's Commission, Peasant Coalition (coalition of farmers organisations of different political parties); people's organisations (community forestry, land rights, women and natural resources, national cooperatives federation, Dalit and minorities, rights to food network)
  • Engage with government policy makers and executives, donor groups, CBOs, academic institutions and private sectors (FNCCI, CNI)
  • Affiliation with different social and thematic groups, networks
  • Participation and contribution in global forums such as WTO, Ministerial Conferences, LDC meeting, FAO meetings on food and agriculture, 49th session of CEDAW, Social Forum (Brazil), etc.


Research project leading:

  • Challenges of municipal solid waste management: Learning from post-crisis governance initiatives in South Asia" (Nepal Project Leader) with University of Lausanne as lead organization, funded by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)- Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) under the Research for Development (R4D) programme (2018-2022)
  • "Feminization, Agricultural Transition and Rural Employment implement at Bolivia, Laos, Nepal and Rwanda (Co-applicant and Project Leader, Nepal Programme), with Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of University of Bern as lead organization, funded by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)- Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) under the Research for Development (R4D) Employment Theme (2014-2020).


Consultancy experiences:



Major tasks

Consulting service to


GESI Expert

Supervision mission of climate adaptation project of Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Nepal


November to December 2019

NRM Expert

Guidance, coaching and orientation to new portfolio manager and expert in design of new projects in NRM


September to December 2019

Team Leader

Evaluation of women responsive/transformative agriculture in Nepal


November to December 2019

Policy, Institutions and Capacity Assessment Expert

Rural Economic and Enterprise Development Project of World Bank

World Bank

October  2019 to January 2020

National Research Analyst

Country Gender Equality Profile preparation (CGEP)


November 2019 to August 2020







Major responsibilities


SDC/Embassy of Switzerland, Kathmandu

Position: Portfolio Manager: (a) Agriculture and Natural Resources,

(b) Gender Focal Person

December 2005 to August 2019

This is a senior management position to lead the NRM portfolio and Gender Focal Person with special focus on a) Gender mainstreaming in development, b) Engagement in policy development, c) Psycho-social approach of empowerment of women and disadvantaged groups, d) Gender responsive budgeting, and f) targeting and social inclusion of women, people with disabilities, marginalised communities and geographically excluded areas.


ActionAid International Nepal, Katmandu

Position:  Team Leader: Livelihoods and Economic Rights//Right to food campaign Coordinator


1999 to 2005

This is a senior management position to head the Livelihood and Economic Rights Division, which was responsible for working on rights to an adequate standard of living, including health, housing and food, right to work. This position has to supervise Theme Leaders of a) Food Security and Natural resources, b) Globalisation and Corporate Sector, c) Disaster Management, d) right to food campaign at global and national levels


International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Kathmandu, Nepal

Manager/Agronomist/Gender Specialist


1998 to 1999

Management of watershed programmes, networking and coordination with government agencies, INGOS/NGOS, peoples organisations,

Gender mainstreaming in watershed programmes

Action research and investigation on gender, women, watershed management etc.


Netherlands Development Organisations (SNV)-Nepal

Natural Resource Management Officer

1992 to 1996

Overall management of natural resources and promote sustainable agriculture

Gender sensitive NRM/agriculture intervention,

Participatory appraisal of development effectiveness Socio-economic and technical review and evaluation Liaison, relation and co-ordination with the government, NGOs, District Development Committee, Village Development Committees and Private Sectors related to NRM and gender issues,































Research experiences:

Engaged in policy and development oriented research and assessments related to agriculture & natural resources, WTO, low external inputs agriculture, ecological agriculture, farmer's rights, food security/right to food and food sovereignty, trade, women, gender, social inclusion, etc.


Trainings and conferences:


Participated in numerous workshops, training and conferences at national and international levels on the thematic areas of work presented above since 1992 and presented papers.   


Contributions to national policies:

1.       Inputs to the thematic committees of the Constituent Assembly on Natural Resources, Economic Rights and Revenue Sharing; the Fundamental Rights & Directive Principles; and the parliamentary committee on Agriculture and Water Resource Committee

2.       Technical Assistance in Research and Extension in Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) prepared by Ministry of Agricultural Development, Government of Nepal,

3.       Inputs on National Land Policy prepared by Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Government of Nepal,

4.       Inputs on Agro-biodiversity prepared by Ministry of Agricultural Development,

5.       Inputs on Plant Variety Protection Bill, prepared by Ministry of Agricultural Development,

6.       Input on sectoral monograph in agriculture prepared by World Bank and DFID.


Selected publications:

 1.       Upreti, B. R.; Uprety, D. and Ghake, Y. (2020) Nepali Women in Politics: Success and Challenges. Journal of International Women's Studies, 21(2), 76-93

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3.       Ghale, Y. and Pyakuryal K. N., (2016), Conceptualizing right to food and food security: some theoretical reflections. Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol. 14 (ISSN 2091-042X and eISSN 2091-0428)

4.       Upreti, B. R.; Subedi, B.; KC, S.; Ghale, Y. and Shivakoti, S. (2016), Understanding dynamics of rural agriculture and employment in Nepal: Evidences from Ilam district of Eastern Nepal. Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Research, Vol. 14, No. 1. Pp.  132-141.

5.       Upreti, B.R.; Ghale, Y. and KC, S. (2016). Effects of Armed Conflict on Agricultural Markets and Post-conflict Engagement of Women in Export-led Agriculture in Nepal. Journal of International Women's Studies, 18(1), 156-180. Available at:

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Media and others:


  • Moderator/chair/commentator/discussant in many different events
  • Periodically writing in newspapers such as: a) Samay weekly, b) Kantipur Daily c) Nepal magazine d) Himal magazine, online news and other newspapers and magazines,
  • Expert opinion on "Annual Budget" presented by the Government in The Himalayan Times and other national, daily and weekly,
  • Expert opinion on agriculture sector development, gender and inclusion issues, right to natural resources and trade issues in various FM radio and television programs


Awards and Scholarships:


  • Netherlands Fellowship to study M.Sc. Programme in Ecological Agriculture in Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands.
  • Women Support Scholarship Award from Women Development Project/IAAS to study B.Sc. Agriculture in IAAS Rampur.
  • Free Competition Scholarship From Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science for I. Sc.
  • Intelligent Student Award in the High School from District Education Office.
  • Various grants to attend and present papers and expert opinion in international conferences, workshops, seminars and consultation meetings,



  • Associate-Women for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources (WOCAN), Global network registered in USA,
  • Founder member and Advisor-Food First Information Network, FIAN,
  • Founder Member-Women Leading for Change in Natural resources (W-LCN),
  • Life member-Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN),
  • Life member-Agriculture Association of Nepal (AAN),
  • Member-Netherlands Students Alumni,
  • Member-Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) Alumni,
  • Team member-Food Policy coordinated by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO),
  • Founder Member-Food First Action International, Nepal,
  • Board member-Centre for Policy Research and Development (CPAD)-National NGO,
  • Advisor-FECOFUN, Nepal,
  • Advisor-Eco-Nepal (NGO working in Environment and disaster response sector),
  • Advisor-Indigenous Women Lawyers Network-INOLAC,
  • Advisor - "Our Heritage" Magazine,
  • Gender advisor-Agriculture Extension in South Asia (AESA),
  • Member-Chandra Gurung Conservation Foundation (CGCF),
  • Advisor-Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG).