Nepal Center for Contemporary Research

Basic First AID Training for NCCR staffs

NCCR in the support of SLRC,  organized a basic first aid training for it’s staffs by highly professional and expert team of Nepal Red cross Society from 3-5 May 2013. A total of 13 people  were trained on both the theories and practices of basic first aid. Some of the highly important issues like managing emergency health problems, wounds, unconsciousness, shocks, respiration problems, injuries, burnings, poisonings, altitude sickness and other types of basic health problems that an individual and particularly researcher can face while and during the field research were discussed.

The integrative approach of theory as well as practical learning was highly efficient in garnering skills on basic first aid to the researchers.  It helped the researchers get acquainted with the likely situation that they could face and confidences to tackle the situation at immediate times.  This training was very important from the researcher’s perspective of NCCR as they frequently travel to the field. It is expected that the researchers have gained basic knowledge on first aid from this training and would be highly invaluable for them in the future. NCCR acknowledges the team of Nepal Red cross society that succinctly provided the training for our staffs and making them capable to deal with the likely basic health problems encountered in their lives and during research.