Nepal Center for Contemporary Research

Safety and Security Training for NCCR staffs

NCCR by the support of SLRC organized Safety and Security training for NCCR staffs on 24th April 2013 at the meeting hall of Embassy of Switzerland, in Kathmandu. The training was facilitated by the Senior Security Manager of Swiss Embassy Mr. Tshewang Ngudup .

The major focus of the program was on becoming aware on safety and security issues at the time of research and, personal level safety and security. Knowledge on Safety issues regarding Earthquake, Lightening, Fire etc were delivered by the expert. Some of the security issues like criminality, abductions, and demonstrations were also discussed in the program. The major objective of the program was to deliver knowledge on safety and security issues to the researchers of NCCR so that they would be able to  tackle the complicated situations which might exist in the future. The training helped the staffs to gain safety and security knowledge and had boost confidence in tackling the situations.