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PAMS tourism project formulated and launched Codes of Conduct and CSR guideline for peace responsive tourism in Pokhara


The partnership actions for mitigating syndromes (PAMS) project titled ‘Meeting the challenges of Peace-building in Tourism in Pokhara – Strengthening the corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Business Operation’ as executed by Pokhara Tourism Council in association with NCCR North-South in the years 2011-12 has come to end after the completion of its all plan of actions.

The main aim of this project was to strengthen the peace potential of tourism in Pokhara by the mutual exchange and concerted actions between tourism researchers, practitioners and workers in Pokhara in central Nepal. This research based project was earlier endorsed by District Tourism Development Committee of Kaski which is headed by Chief District Officer and represented by all key stakeholders of tourism. The project has met its objectives by formulating ‘Codes of Conduct (CoC) for Peace Responsive Tourism in Pokhara: A Manual’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Guideline for Promoting Peace in Tourism Sector in Pokhara’. These CoCs are formulated for 13 different sub-sectors of tourism by joint effort of Pokhara Tourism Council and NCCR North-South in association Nepal Tourism Board and with 15 tourism related professional associations of Pokhara. The CoC guidelines are conceptually and theoretically based on the 10 points Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as laid down by United Nations World Tourism Organization for the sustainability of tourism in the world.  The various sub-sectors of tourism for which such conducts are formulated include hotels, trekking agencies, tour and travel agents, restaurant associations, tourism related media, trekking equipment shops associations, paragliding, workers in all categories of such tourism professions, tourists, etc.

These responsible tourism guidelines (CoC and CSR) were formally released (launched) by Presidents (heads) of a 12 member tourism association of Pokhara Tourism Council in presence of  Hon. Ram Kumar Shrestha, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal amidst a grand programme titled ‘Pokhara Tourism Declaration 2013’ attended by 175 participants on 20 April 2013 in Pokhara. At this event, they showed their public commitment by taking oath to apply tourism codes of conduct in their planning, management and operations for the sustainability of tourism in Pokhara. Minister committed to support from the government side to  implement the COC and CSR in Pokhara and promised to expand in other areas. Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti, Regional Coordinator of South Asia highlighted over PAMS model which through the collaboration of PhD and other researchers with local society seeks for the sustainable development.